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Downtown L.A. Bar Hoppin – 5 spots

My cousin Daniel just got back from a 3 week trip to Europe so what’s best then to catchup in our favorite town, Downtown LA. It was quite spontaneous, he called me at work around 3pm on a Tuesday and by 5pm he’s picking me up from work & we decided to start in the heart of city, 7th Street.

PARKING: On Hill/ just south of 7th – $6 – be smart, ask to keep your keys..

QUICK BITE: Chipotle on 7th / Grand

HAPPY HOUR: Pretty much every bar we went to featured a happy hour. Lookout for it!

1st BAR: Seven Grand

7th / West of Olive

Daniel loves this spot, as he should. He’s a Whiskey drinker & that’s what this bar is about. Since it was a Tuesday it wasn’t very busy. Had a nice flow, overall relaxing and dim. We started at the bar and wow, loved the smells – fresh fruits & herbs. They offer happy hour from 5p – 8p, selected drinks for $5. We made our way outside into their smoking/balcony/booth seating area. Located practically in the alley of 2 buildings, I enjoyed the busy echoing busy ounds of the city while we just relaxed. Enjoying the spot so much, we went for another round & I had a classic drink: Old  Fashion. I told the bartender it was my 1st one & I know he made it just right cause it tasted so good.

lil of everything

Happy Hour specials hanging in the patio: can't beat them

Showcase of Makers Mark: nice touch

Ladies Restroom - detailed: love

2nd BAR: Golden Golpher

8th / South of Olive

Just 2 blocks from Seven Grand is Golden Golpher. You can’t miss the spot, red neon lights light up their cool signage. Upon entering on the right is their To-Go area with spirits, craft beers and goodies such as candies & condoms available for purchase.. this was so great ! loved this.. The bar is nice & open with featured brews on tap on the wall.  Our bartender was really great & gave us a quick run down of their featured whiskeys – where they came from, popularity, type. We each ordered beers & had the most popular scotch in America as a shot.

Decided outside was a nice night so hung out in their outdoor patio while admiring  their cool lighting & fixtures. They even have a photo booth & 2 person old school video game.

This place is def on my fav list. I really enjoyed this so called dive bar. Try their Eel River Brewing Co. California Blonde Ale Beer. This was DELICIOUS, my kinda beer. Happy Hour is pretty great too.

Golden Golpher

3rd BAR: The Association

6th / between Los Angeles & Main St.

This night, it was low key. While I remember it being nice n great feel, nothing especially stood out to me. We had a nice time there but nothing especially great I can remember.

The Association

4th BAR: The Falls Lounge

Spring St. between 6th & 7th Street

Busy spot, lots of people at The Falls & the restaurant next door sitting on the patio. We sat at the bar & had a round of drinks. The DJ was just starting to setup & place was lively.  Really enjoyed the decor – gold, earthy colors. The back wall i believe are pieces of wood showing the rings, kinda cool.  Overall, cool spot.

The Falls

The Falls Restroom

5th & final BAR: Perch

5th/Hope – Pershing Square

Ahh, yes save the best for last… Daniel did not disappoint when our final stop was to Perch LA.
1 elevator to the restaurant, 2nd elevator to the rooftop & WOW, absolute amaze. Luckily there was enough people there to make it happening but not crazy -we were able to snag a spot near the ledge. It’s as their motto goes, “a elevated resting place” -true to the feeling admiring the beautiful view of Downtown LA.

Checkout their website, click here, their photos really show their views.

Beware: only 1 ladies restroom but luckily a great view of City Hall while waiting.


Be Safe:

Ladies: Definitely best to go with a guy. It can be a lil scary out there as you hop around especially when under the influence.



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