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Napa Valley: Good Eats: 1 of 2

Napa Valley: Tastings+Food : 1 of 2

What a lucky gal I am, I married my hubby at San Francisco City Hall 2 years ago. Since we spent our mini moon in Napa Valley about an hour away we now have a legit, great excuse to head there every year. Ahh, heaven!

This trip was our 3rd to Napa so we felt prepared & really excited to visit our fav’s & new spots.

MUST VISIT: Oxbow Public Market, Downtown Napa

OK, we LOVE this spot. A must stop. Anytime of the day. It’s my fav public market – Coffee, Seafood, Oysters, Cheese, Wine, Meats, fresh veggies, olive oils, ice cream, restaurants and more… It’s the best stuff in here, something for everyone..

Dinner: Morimoto, Downtown Napa

WE love this spot too, I highly suggest it even if just for cocktails & appetizers. This place does not disappoint. The quality of fish is the best, everything so fresh & beautiful and most importantly De-li-cious.

Our favs:  rock shrimp, soft shell crab roll, spicy king crab  /  for a cocktail – white lily is amazing!


Lunch: Redd, Yountville

The Sr. loves Thomas Keller and since Keller lives in Yountville, Food & Wine has an article of his fav spots.

On top of the list was Redd so of course, we had reservations for a late lunch.  We sat by the window and already decided long before arriving we would order the tasting menu. Tasting menu is only offered if whole table wants it which worked for us.

I of course had to experience the wine pairings. We were surprised when our first dishes came out &  they were different. We learned they prepare 2 menus for the tastings so we each had completely different dishes which I was stoked about. We of course tasted a bite or 2 of the others dishes so truly was a treat!

I highly recommend this restaurant. I felt they were more classic dishes with his twist & I loved the cauliflower & brussel sprouts too. We loved the modern decor, excellent 5 star service ! We left feeling very satisfied without being overly full, portion sizes were perfect! One of best lunches EVER. They so deserve 2 Michelin Stars.

// lunch per person: Five course $60, with wine pairing $95 + tip


Dinner:  delivery.

Im apparently a light weight, another trip to Napa & yet again, I couldn’t last the night. One quick moment of laying on the bed at the hotel & I was out cold. I apparently couldn’t be woken up.

The Sr. knows me well, he was nice enough to wait till I woke & we ended up ordering pizza that delivered around 9pm. Called it a night- some TV & back to bed.

Breakfast: Casa, Oxbow Public Market, Downtown Napa

I LOVE this spot for breakfast. Its one of the few places I always order the same thing each time. You can’t go wrong here, their breakfast tacos are delicious n fresh. Quick spot if in a hurry.


Lunch: Tacos Garcia, Yountville

The Sr. had to visit Thomas Keller’s other suggestion of Napa food spots, the taco truck. Yes, I could barely believe it myself too. We picked up 2 burritos, walked over to the nearby park.  Was good, nothing great. Can’t beat the price though, I think around $15 with soft drinks.

sorry, no pics of food. Just the park down the street where we ate. public restrooms there.


Dinner: Ad Hoc, Yountville

The Sr. is indeed a huge Keller fan & since our last trip I knocked out before dinner we were ready to finally experience his casual attire, family style restaurant. While we weren’t very impressed overall (Redd was just too amazing) the food was still good and we had a nice time though prob won’t go back. For the price, we just couldn’t justify the food. While we had no problem with the prix fixe family menu (only 1 menu for everyone, all nite, changes daily) it just didn’t WOW us like we expected for $$52 per person….. The garden is beautiful & if your there Thurs-Sat in the afternoon, stop by the garden for a boxed lunch for $17.00. The fried chicken is the absolute BEST if they’re serving it! click here to read more about it.



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